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Women’s Programs

In 2022 we launched two projects to help close the gender gap in competitive programming in Latinamerica. We want to motivate them and create a safe community where we can continue learning together. 

Women in Programming


It is a community where we organize courses, programming contests, and conferences just for women.

For the last 4 months we have hosted courses, programming contests and conferences just for Latin women.

  • More than 200 women in our community

  • More than 100 women from 16 countries of Latin America have participated in our programming contests

  • 90% of the participants was their first competition 

Some of comments are:


"I found that if there is support for me and I'm not alone in my difficulties looking to grow in technology areas, it's worth keeping trying"


"I’m very interested in returning to programming classes since I will install an electronically controlled garden in my house  (I’ll use programming to dose nutrients for my crops)"


We are just starting and we need your help, help us to continue inspiring and helping more Latin students to reach their dreams.

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OFMI -Mexican Girls' Olympiad in Informatics

OFMI is a programming contest for Mexican girls and

non-binary students. 

The first edition of this contest was this past month

of January 2022 and it was completed with great success.

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