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we can grow

With your support omegaUp can help more spanish-speaking students to change their future, training them and helping them develop their STEM skills

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Mariana Valdivia

Competitor of the Mexican Computer Science Olympiad

​“omegaUp, is a platform that helped me a lot to grow and better understand what programming and computing is.
I plan to study Aerospace Engineering, and omegaUp helps me to know both the basics and the most advanced programming. Since it is a fundamental part of my career”​​

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Elsy Pinzon

Software Engineer at Microsoft

"I do think omegaUp helped me get here [Microsoft], because it was the first platform I used, and for quite some time, to learn the basics; and that really changed the destiny of my life and where my path went"

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Juan Carlos Sigler

Intern Software Engineer at Facebook

"It is very difficult for a high school student to speak, understand and be able to read perfectly the problems that are on other platforms in English, and it is one more reason why I would recommend learning and using the [omegaUp] platform."

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Luis A. Citalan

SWE at Auronix

"OmegaUp allowed me to advance by leaps and bounds, the ability to automatically share, maintain and evaluate educational content is invaluable"

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Maeva Mazadiego

Participant of the 1st European Girls' Olympiad in Informatics (EGOI)

"To be a good programmer you need to develop your problem-solving skills, as well as your logic. omegaUp has helped me acquire that, in addition to being able to share that knowledge with the students and teachers that I have mentored"


Orlando Mendoza

SWE at Microsoft

"An advantage of omegaUp is the wide variety of problems to solve. You can find easy or difficult problems so that you can find a problem that is at your current level."

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Increasing the number of
Software Engineers
in Latin America

With your help we can keep growing.

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About omegaUp

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Where can I find your privacy policy?

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omegaUp has been the starting point of the path of many students
who are now developers in companies such as:

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